Grace & Beauty – Borrowed from Nature

Nell is an Artisan Center of Virginia

Juried Master Artisan


Whether a ring, pendant, earrings, or pottery piece, Nell’s work has impeccable craftsmanship, and exhibits a grace and beauty derived from the natural world.

A biologist / zoologist before becoming a professional artist, Nell spent six years in Bolivia, dividing her time between artwork and wildlife research. “The colors, the people, and the living forms have strongly influenced my life and work,” she says. She has now settled down, with her family in her beloved Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, their tranquility and beauty evident in her work. More About Nell > 

“An artist of real integrity, whose work is an expression of a deep love of nature and a profound respect for its claims… an imaginative and meticulous craftsman – one who handles color, line, and shape with a poet’s sensitivity and a scientist’s discipline.” – M.E. Jefferson

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